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St. George Residents Rave About ProHealth Chiropractic

heart testimonialsWhat others say about chiropractic care can help you make the right health care choice. Review a selection of ProHealth Chiropractic patient testimonials below and please email me or contact the office if you have any questions.

Yours in Health,

Dr. Mark Bentley


Dr. Bentley is the real deal. He is very friendly, funny, and very professional. You can absolutely tell that he cares about his clientele like you are family. I have finally found my new chiropractor for life. I will recommend him to everyone I know. If any of you have had chiropractic adjustments or have never been adjusted, in my opinion, you should definitely check out his expertise.

- K.F.

Dr Bentley and his staff are great! They are super friendly and it’s a nice clean office with a lot of treatment I was impressed with how personable and genuinely helpful everyone was. I also appreciated the punctuality of not having to wait to be seen. I was very impressed with the latest technology that was implemented to determine nerve status in order to design a health program moving forward.

- M.H.

I have heard good reports about Dr. Bentley’s office and was looking forward to seeing if those reports had been exaggerated. I was pleased to find out that my office visit was as positive as I had been led to believe. As I watched the other patients entering and exiting the office it reinforced what I had been told about the friendliness of the office staff. Dr. Bentley listened to my concerns attentively and gave me a feeling of confidence that he understood my concerns and would work with me to reach my health goals. This first visit was only a consultation appointment but judging from the number of individuals coming in for treatment, I think future visits will be just as positive.

- D.K.

Dr Bentley and his staff are great! They are super friendly and it’s a nice clean office with a lot of treatment options. Dr Bentley explains his treatment for your condition and makes you feel very comfortable there. I feel great after just one visit and can’t wait for more improvements through the treatment. As a follow doctor I highly recommend them to anyone looking to get out of pain and improve their health.

- J.W.

Dr Bentley took amazing care of me. I was really anxious and nervous about coming in because I was in so much pain. He made me feel that he cared and listened to what my problem was. He was patient with me, he calmed me down and told made me feel confident that he was going to make me feel better. He also treated me like a long-term patient, made my mom and I feel welcomed, and I never felt that he was in a rush to the next patient. I have already recommended him to several people. I look forward to my future appointments.

- K.C.

Thank you for your honest and thorough elevation of me and being so helpful and kind I will record you to others and will return your office is very welcoming and positive.

- N.T.

What a wonderful atmosphere. I was highly impressed with the knowledge, professionalism and kindness of DR Bentley and staff. Keep doing what your doing…your joy for life and health is contagious.

- M.B.

This was my first experience with a chiropractor, I had some idea of what to expect because my friend is a patient and she shared her experience with me. After meeting the staff and the doctor I feel confident that we can achieve my health goals. The staff is wonderful and extremely helpful.

- K.M.

“I felt very relaxed in my first meeting with Dr. Bentley. I am happy to find a chiropractor that does testing before starting treatment. He is professional and informative. The office staff is very friendly.”

- L.H.

I am new to the area and was looking for a good chiropractor I would feel comfortable with and confident in. Over the years I have gone to several different chiropractors and I can honestly say I haven’t felt as comfortable with a Doctor as I did with Dr. Bentley in a long time. He was very thorough in his questions and explanations. I feel I have found that good chiropractor I was looking for in Dr. Bentley. His staff was very kind and helpful as well, what a bonus!”

- T.D.

Professional, insightful, helpful, and seemingly skilled! Assistants appear to be part of a well-oiled team. VERY impressed that I was contacted for a brief telephone consultation by Dr. Bentley within 2-3 hours of my initial visit. He’s a busy doctor but wanted to listen and asked a few insightful questions.

- J.K.

My brother and sister-in-law can’t say enough good about Dr Bentley, and now we can see why!!! For the first time ever, my xrays and MRI, from two different doctors, were finally shown to us and explained to my husband and I what was going on!! Dr Bentley’s kindness and sincere concern for my health, were felt when we walked into his office. We appreciated the confidence he has in letting us know that there is hope for my health to improve, with time and treatments! Thank you so much for explaining things to us and for going over the different plans, and for making us feel so comfortable in asking questions. We know that the doctor really does care and wants to help me! We will recommend him to all of our friends and family! THANK YOU for giving me hope!

- M.H.

I was so very grateful for Dr. Bentley’s professional abilities. Allison was wonderful. And Lisa was terrific also. But more importantly I’m so grateful for doctor Bentley’s kindness and ability to find my problems and help me to walk out of the clinic without pain and upright. Hurting as bad as I was for over 2 weeks and to receive instant relief was amazing. And then doctor Bentley called me at home in Enterprise to see how things were and that if I was OK. It reminded me of the good old days when my doctor would make house calls in Seattle. That’s the type of man and doctor Dr Bentley is. A remarkable young man.

- D.H.

WOW! You guys knocked my socks off from the moment I opened the door and before I even stepped inside.

- M.S.

Everyone was so helpful and made you feel like you had already started in the road to recovery! What a great experience with the whole staff that works there!

- R.J.

Dr. Mark Bentley and his entire staff were so caring and considerate of me and my health issues. They were all so willing to listen and learn and teach me better ways to do things. I would highly recommend ProHealth Chiropractic to anyone looking for relief.

- S.P.

Dr. Bentley and his staff are very professional, and always greet you with heart-felt sincerity and friendliness. I appreciated how thorough Dr. Bentley was, and how educated not only he himself but, his staff are as well. They all genuinely care about not only your health but, you & in all areas of your life. I feel I have a customed designed care package just for me, excited to start my journey with them in achieving my best self!

- L.P.

For the first time in years I finally feel like there is some hope to improve my condition and that people care about my health issues. Just going for a walk in the evening with my wife is a challenge. She tells me to put my hand on her shoulder for support. It makes me feel like a nuisance and weak. Dr. Bentley after only 30 minutes gave me excitement and eagerness to come back. Thank you.

- G.H.

Dr. Bentley, the staff and the office environment were very inviting, cheery and cozy. Just what I look for in an office that helps people heal.”

- V.F.

I loved the professionalism and concern for my health now and long term. I felt excited to have a healthy lifestyle in years to come.

- E.R.

I have never been treated so well at a doctors office. I was amazed at how well I understood my treatment process. I was impressed with Dr. Bentley and his willingness to genuinely help me and treat me long term and not just treat the symptoms.

- S.P.


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