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St. George Residents Rave About ProHealth Chiropractic

heart testimonialsWhat others say about chiropractic care can help you make the right health care choice.  Review a selection of ProHealth Chiropractic patient testimonials below and please email me or contact the office if you have any questions.

Yours in Health,

Dr. Mark Bentley


“WOW! You guys knocked my socks off from the moment I opened the door and before I even stepped inside.”

- M.S.

“Everyone was so helpful and made you feel like you had already started in the road to recovery! What a great experience with the whole staff that works there!”

- R.J.

“Dr. Mark Bentley and his entire staff were so caring and considerate of me and my health issues. They were all so willing to listen and learn and teach me better ways to do things. I would highly recommend ProHealth Chiropractic to anyone looking for relief.”

- S.P.

“Dr. Bentley and his staff are very professional, and always greet you with heart felt sincerity,and friendliness. I appreciated how thorough Dr. Bentley was, and how educated not only he himself, but, his staff are as well. They all genuinely care about not only your health but, you & in all areas of your life.. I feel I have a customed designed care package just for me,excited to start my journey with them in achieving my best self!”

- L.P.

“For the first time in years I finally feel like there is some hope to improve my condition and that people care about my health issues. Just going for a walk in the evening with my wife is a challenge. She tells me to put my hand on her shoulder for support. It makes me feel like a nuisance and weak. Dr. Bentley after only 30 minutes gave me an excitement and eagerness to come back. Thank you.”

- G.H.

“Dr. Bentley, the staff and the office environment were very inviting, cheery and cozy. Just what I look for in an office that helps people heal.”

- V.F.

“I loved the professionalism and concern for my health now and long term. I felt excited to have a healthy lifestyle in years to come.”

- E.R.

“I was welcomed and treated with the highest of professional standards. It was a pleasure and I look forward to the next series of treatments. Thank You.”

- G.A.

“I am glad I chose to go to your office.”

- V.W.

“I have never been treated so well at a doctors office. I was amazed at how well I understood my treatment process. I was impressed with Dr. Bentley and his willingness to genuinely help me and treat me long term and not just treat the symptoms.”

- S.P.

“Dr. Bentley’s approach to treatment for my back pain was extremely effective not only alleviating approximately 70% of my pain, but it has increased my quality of living by allowing me to exercise and increase my overall physical and mental condition.”

- L.S.

“I have been living with chronic back pain for 10 years. After seeing Dr. Bentley for just a month, my back pain started going away and my visits were less frequent. Thanks to Dr. Bentley, I can now go about doing daily activities without worrying about back pain.”

- A.A.

“Early in 2013 my husband and I moved to Utah and I found ProHealth Chiropractic. My case was thoroughly evaluated before any treatment or adjustments made! A treatment plan was recommended only after diagnostic images and other physical considerations were evaluated. My first adjustment was very comfortable and I have relief after the first visit!”

- M.J.

“After going through Dr. Bentley’s program, my entire body heals in a couple of days or even a day or littler still. I don’t seem to have sore or injured ares of my body, my overall health has improved, my posture has improved and I finally feel as if I’ve taken charge of my life! Thank you Dr. Bentley!”

- E.W.

“Great staff and Dr. Bentley is fantastic. They made time for me before I had to go to work, it was great to be treated so I could make it to work.. Thank all of you very much !”

- C.M.

“Dr. Bentley is very knowledgeable and very good with kids. I really liked how he used scans and equipment to determine the problem and not just going by what he thought was the problem. I look forward to having my children treated and helped by him.”

- T.K.

“I felt like Dr. Bentley was knowledgeable about his material and I felt like he had equipment to help him and he was very good at listening and not making me feel rushed. I look forward to working with him and HOPE that we can help my problem. I was also able to get an appointment in a short period of time, which helps when you are in pain. I also look forward to finding out about other services you offer. Thanks again.”

- M.R.

“We love Dr Bentley and his staff – professional and courteous.”

- E.K.

“Very professional and friendly! Excited to get my daughter the help she needs to feel better and hopefully get my husband in for treatment as well.”

- L.Z.


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